Observational Data
Material Properties
Missions & Instr. Dev.


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The database consists of four parts:

  1. Observational
  2. Material Properties
  3. Instruments and Mission Development
  4. Dissemination of Projects and Results and for Public Outreach

If you use data from this website in a publication, please refer to is as:
Database for Geophysical and Geological Properties of NEOs, 2009. <http://neodata.space.swri.edu> .

If you find any errors or if you have data (with references) that you think should be included in this website, then please contact me at whuebner@swri.org.

Goal: Collect and organize observed and simulated data for investigation of NEOs.

Southwest Research Institute: Space Instrumentation Division To report any problems, email: Walter Huebner
Last Updated: 3/12/2009