MRI Imager
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Supported Campaigns:

  • March 2010 -- Investigations of auroral structures associated with NEIALs -- PI: R. Michell

  • March 2010 - Present -- Conjunctions with the THEMIS satellites -- PI: M. Samara

  • March 2010 - Present -- Common-volume meteor observations with PFISR -- PI: R. Michell

  • November 2010 - April 2011 -- All-sky and narrowfield auroral observations at Sondrestrom Greenland -- PI: M. Samara

  • January 2011 -- Investigations of the auroral structures in Resolute Bay, Canada -- PI: M. Samara.

  • March 2011 -- Investigations of auroral structures associated with NEIALs -- PI: R. Michell

  • March 2011 -- High-resolution color imaging of the aurora -- PI: J. Semeter

  • March 2011 -- Multi-station observations for computing auroral tomography -- PI: J. Semeter

  • May - August 2011 -- Common-Volume radar and optical observations of meteors at Jicamarca -- PI: R. Michell

  • July - August 2011 -- Common-Volume radar and optical observations of meteors at SAAMER (Rio Grande, Argentina) -- PI: M. Samara

  • September 2011 - April 2012 -- Multi-spectral auroral observations associated with NEIALs -- PI: R. Michell

  • September 2011 - April 2012 -- Multi-spectral auroral observations of pulsating aurora -- PI: D. Hampton

  • February 2012 -- MICA Auroral sounding rocket, ground-based imaging support -- PI: S. Powell

  • May 2012 -- Radar and optical observatons of small mass meteors at Arecibo -- PI: R. Michell

  • September - November 2012 -- Aurora and airglow observations in conjunction with SuperDARN -- PI: R. Michell

  • Currently -- PFISR Ion Neutral Observations in the Thermosphere (PINOT) -- PI: B. Bristow

Related Scientific Analysis Projects:

  • J. Gjerloev, et al. -- Untangling the Space-Time Ambiguity of Auroral Emissions.

  • A. Jaynes, M. Lessard -- Pulsating auroral morphology using simultaneous 557.7 nm and 427.8 nm all-sky imaging.

  • M.G McHarg, et al. -- High speed flickering auroral observations.

  • J. Semeter, H. Dalhgren -- Low-light Red-Green-Blue observations of dynamic auroral structures.

  • R. Michell, et al. -- Spatial-temporal structure of flickering aurora.

  • M. Samara, et al. -- Auroral structures conjugate to THEMIS electric and magnetic field wave signatures.

  • M. Samara, R. Michell -- Auroral structures conjugate with DMSP satellite electron measurements.

  • R. Michell, M. Samara -- Spatial temporal characteristics of sub auroral structures.

  • R. Michell, M. Samara -- Multi-spectral auroral observations simultaneous to PFISR observations of NEIALs.

AGU Presentations (Fall 2013)

  • SA11A-1915. Assimilation of PFISR Data Using Support Vector Regression and Ground Based Camera Constraints -- R. Clayton et al.

  • SM22A-05. Substorm auroral onset triggering by flow-wave interaction detected with high-resolution radar and imager measurements -- T. Nishimura et al.

  • SM23A-2212. Longitudinal asymmetries in aurora -- R. Michell et al.

  • SA23B-04. Methods for Creation and Detection of Ultra-Strong Artificial Ionization in the Upper Atmosphere (Invited) -- P. A. Bernhardt et al.

  • SA31B-05. Measuring auroral precipitation parameters without in situ microchannel plate instrumentation -- K. A. Lynch at al.

  • SA33A-1989. Predicting Electron Energy Flux Using Ground-Based Multi-Spectral Auroral Imaging -- G. A. Grubbs et al.

  • SA43B-2150. Pulsating Auroral Nitric Oxide Production in the Lower Ionosphere -- S. Jones et al.

  • SA44A-09. Observations of an Auroral Arc using the 4-Channel Camera on the VISIONS Rocket -- J. H. Hecht et al.

  • SM51C-2201. Characteristics of Pulsating Aurora -- B. K. Humberset et al.

  • AGU Presentations (Fall 2012)

  • SM13B-2368. Untangling the Space-Time Ambiguity of Auroral Emissions -- J. W. Gjerloev et al.

  • SA21B-2123. Statistical study of NEIAL occurence in the PFISR data and correlated auroral forms -- R. G. Michell et al.

  • ED22C-06. Interactive Auroral Science for Hearing-Impaired Students -- M. Samara et al.

  • SA23A-2142. High-speed observations of flicker and break-up aurora -- M. G. McHarg et al.

  • ED33C-0779. Engaging the Athabascan Native American students of Venetie, Alaska in the auroral research occurring over their village -- R. G. Michell et al.

  • SA33A-2192. Precipitating Electron Population Inversion from Auroral Optical Data during the MICA Rocket Launch -- J. Ahrns et al.

  • SM43B-2240. Pulsating Aurora: the Equatorial Source Population & Local Morphological Interplay with Diffuse Aurora -- A. N. Jaynes et al.

  • Moose